Digital Marketing : Complete Guide

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing answers questions, how to get to the customer on the Internet? How to build a long-term relationship? How to encourage online shopping?

In short, it’s marketing that goes through modern channels such as Google Search, websites, social networks, email, ppc ads and mobile apps. Under the Umbrella of Digital Marketing there are lot sub categories. 

digital marketing

Purchasing behavior has changed. Digital marketing helps.

For example, when you start search for certain product, you first gonna check Google and find reviews, then you gonna make a decision. If you want to see a friend you have not see for five years, you will go on facebook and call him on drink, same time you will see facebook ads and maybe buy something. When you want send to client catalog, you will do it via email.

Today, people spend a good amount of their time on the Internet. They are connected to the Internet via desktops, tablets and phones. The Internet has become the main source of informing and exchanging information. All of these trends have led to a change in buyers behavior.

ljudi sve više kupuju online

How Does Digital Marketing Help?

Digital marketing helps the company get into this process subtly, non aggressively. Digital marketing is much more accurate than traditional marketing forms.

TV advertising is not only expensive, it interrupts you in your favorite activity. For example, you watch the game of thrones your favorite tv show, Stop 30 minutes Advertising. Laundry powder, dietary supplement, drinks, food, list goes on and on… Digital marketing does not work that way. It’s called marketing of interruption.

When you see ad on facebook, you can immediately scroll or tell them don’t show me this anymore. After that, they won’t show you similar ads. When you reading business email and you receive promotional email, you can send it to spam. Interruption is minimized, the end-user experience is in the first place.

Why is the sales funnel important for digital marketing?

Digital marketing begins with a sales leash. Without a carefully planned sales funnel, digital marketing can not function well.

Funnel is the widest on the top, the lower it becomes narrower. The upper stage of the marketing funnel is getting to know people with your brand. Here are most people. People find us through non-aggressive facebook ads, social media, blog posts, google ads, podcast, etc.

Here strangers becomes aware of your brand and go to the lower stages of the funnel. However, not all strangers will find your brand interesting but a part. There are fewer people here than in the last phase. Those who finds your brand interesting, they start consuming your content. Here we use retargeting because we want to return them to the site again, again and move some of them to the lower stage.

A part of these people will become interested in our products and we can offer them a free webinar, demo product or free book in exchange for e-mail. When you leave email, they become lead. Potential customer.

We include potential customers into our email campaign, retarget them again, but now we are sending them to the sales page of our website. Here we start selling.

Who leaves at the other end of the funnel, he is a buyer. At this stage, there are small amount of people. However, the process is repeating and so we make money.

Content marketing

Digital marketing is unimaginable without high quality content. The main purpose of generating quality content is getting to know people with your brand, demonstrating authority, taking a place in consciousness and building relationships.

On the other hand, we help people to easily find all the information and solve their problems.

By helping others we help ourselves. Google recognizes high quality content and ranks your website better on search. If you want to keep ppc traffic on website, good content in background is required.

On social media, quality content gets more likes, comments and sharing. All that leads to the growth of followers.

Digital marketing and storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful digital marketing tool. Parents tell stories to their children, later children watch the cartoons, when they grow up reading books, watch movies, and these kids will tell their childrens stories in future.

Our attention is always focused on those who are telling the stories. It’s inherent and instinctive.

It’s just one of ways we collect informations. The stories pay attention to us. At the moment someone tells us his life story, we feel empathy. That’s how a stronger connection between people is made.

When say storytelling we do not mean you should lie. Try to make informations more organized, interesting, easy to share with others and easy to imagine.

ova slika prikazuje storytelling

The Importance of SEO for Digital Marketing

Seo is a set of processes that have an impact on the website visibility in Google search. For digital marketing, the importance of ranking high on Google is invaluable. The first part is called on page SEO, we optimize our site and make high quality content to rank high for specific keywords.

This includes creating high quality blog posts. Keyword research. Content must be created in html. Title tags, meta description,, sitemap, properly placed headers and subheaders h1 h2 h3, fast page loading speed, mobile responsive, security protocol ssl, the keyword must be in the urls, etc. For local businesses, it is necessary to do local SEO.

The second part is called off page SEO, which represents actions outside of our site. This includes link building, guestbloging, promotion on social media.

While Google Adwords is paying for number one on Google Search, with SEO things go differently, we have high quality content, we give a solution to the problem and we get a free high ranking on Google. But not completely free it cost us our time.


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Digital Marketing On Social Media

Social media is an integral part of digital marketing, great way to reach potential customers and raise brand awareness. We use them in the upper parts of the sales funnel and content promotion.

Facebook, Instagram (more about instagram marketing here), Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Snapchat represent the perfect business opportunity to reach big number of people. When choosing a platform, it is important to know its demographics. For example, If teens are your target group, of course, Snapchat would be a better choice than Linkedin.

Most people are always thinking about big numbers and they are wrong. In order for a business to be successful on social media, only a miniature part of the huge user base of these platforms is needed. It is always better to have 1,000 targeted followers than 100k of random ones. Only engaged followers can get in the sales funnel. That’s where the money is.

Without email marketing, there is no digital marketing.

They say money is in the email list and they are right. Email list is the company’s assets. When we have an email list, we are independent to changes to external factors. For example like fb reach of business pages, now you have to pay ads for exposure. More about email marketing here.

It is necessary to use popular services with reputation like Mail Chimp. Email sent from cheap provider often end up in spam due to bad reputation. For the needs of small business Mail Chimp’s basic package is perfect and free for up to 2000 subscribers.

We can build the email list in two ways. The first is by giving a free PDF book, webinar, coupon or email in return for email. All that the visitor should do is leave his e-mail and download a PDF book, for example. After that he becomes lead.

The other way is to opt-in page. Landing page designed for collecting emails. Here we use storytelling, social proof and case studies to persuade visitor to subscribe for the newsletter.

Google Adwords

For example, your pipe is broken and you need an emergency intervention, you go to Google and type plumber in London. This is the perfect opportunity for a digital marketing expert to set up Google advertising.

In search results we first see paid ads. We use Google Adwords to set up these ads. Below the paid ads are the best content. For that content Google thinks it will give the answer to your search query and this is a SEO job.

In Adwords platform we are fighting with other bidders for a certain keyword at the auction (for example “plumber in London”). 

However, one who is ready to pay more does not always win. An important factor is also the quality score. This score represents the most relevant advertisement and the best leading page for the user who enter search query.

Based on these factors, the ad rank is formed. Before advertising is posted, it is necessary to determine the goal of the campaign, the analysis of competition, the keyword analysis, the writing of quality advertisements that clicks on the click.

google adwords

Fb ads

Facebook is the ideal platform for advertising. Along with Adwords the most powerful. With Facebook advertising, we can easily generate leads and convert them to customers. They work perfectly with both B2B and B2C channels. These advertisements can be used in different parts of the sales funnel.

Digitial marketing is unimaginable without Facebook advertising. We can target by age and gender, by the place where people life, by the language they speak, the interest shown in the past, retargeting the email list, people who were active on our instagram profile.

If we want to hit the lower part of the funnel it is necessary to use retargeting and set up Facebook pixels on the site. Pixel is a small piece of code that is inserted in the website code.

Pixel allows retargeting and capturing actions that people have done on your site. For example, buying, subscribing, inserting the product into a basket, etc. For example, I want to retarget Facebook users who have been on my site for the past 30 days. I want to hit people who have entered on the service page, etc.

Inflencer marketing

It is very popular way to communicate with your target audience. But we do not speak directly, we use influencers who will do it for us.

Influencer is person who built the “influence” on its followers during the years. It can be an authority, an expert in a particular area, a celebrity, an analyst, a journalist, etc. To be influencer you need to have an impact on its followers buying decission.

However, you should avoid spending the budget on bad influencers. They have no impact on their followers or their target audience is broad or it isn’t same as ours. Only then, this form of marketing works.

Here’s a fantastic example of how influencer marketing works. The video shows how the most famous wolfdog in the world Loki (loki_the_wolfdog on the instagram) and his owner Kelly Lund drive on the snow Mercedes jeep. The video is recorded in 360 technology.

Affiliate marketing

A business model where we promote and sell someone else product online, if we manage to sell, we get a commission. We get a link from the product owner. Our goal is to bring potential customers to this link. Product owner can see how many people we have brought on link and how many people have bought product.

From company perspective, affiliate programs benefits are huge. With this model, the company raises brand awareness and sales, while reducing the costs of digital marketing. In addition to everything mentioned, it also gets a free promotion. It’s enough to have an army of salespeople, even if some people fail to sell, company raising awareness of the brand.

On the other hand, for sellers, this is a unique opportunity to earn money online. The benefits are also risk free, there are no touch points with the customer, customer service and the complete support is on product owner.

Ovako affiliate marketing radi


Blog is an online place where you can express your thoughts and share it with the whole world. It’s a website where your articles on certain topic are.

People who blogging are called bloggers. There are various types of fashion blogs, fitness, culinary, travel, sports, etc. Each blog is known for a specific topic. Bloggers generally earn from influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, selling banners on their site (google adsense) or selling from their own shop.

However, smart digital marketers have recognized big business potential of the blogging. They began to watch the blog as way of bringing traffic to the website. A business that owns a big blog that regularly produces great articles on certain topic will be better ranked on Google (in combination with SEO). From the aspect of the sales funnel, the blog works perfectly in the upper parts of the sales funnel.

Blog increases brand awareness, authority, influence and returning people on the website.

Do you use digital marketing to growing your business?

What tactics do you use?

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