Instagram Marketing Ultimate Guide for 2018.

This is the ultimate guide to how to dominate Instagram for 2018.

Below you will find proven tactics that bring results.

So let’s start right now …

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Is Instagram the right platform for you?


Instagram algorithm, apps brain.


Buying followers is not solution.


Instagram on the autopilot, sounds interesting …


Instagram group. Help for help.


Instagram Shoutouts.


Hashtag, tag that saves…


High quality content always win.


The best Instagram Marketing Solution.


Is Instagram the right platform for you?

A little Instagram statistics.

Instagram popularity constatly rising and its is wonderful marketing tool for modern business.

According to the latest statistics, Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users in 2017. Only 30% of businesses active on social networks have Instagram. This is a great opportunity to make marketing an advantage.


We use Instagram for ...

You can use this social network to increase brand awareness. Instagram will help you stay longer in the consciousness of your follower. The followers will easily recognize your brand when it sees it next time.

It is also great for bringing people to your website. There are several places in this social network where a link can be inserted BIO, ads, story, and direct message.

Interaction brand – the customer on Instagram is very simple and friendly. I can leave you a comment on the image, videos, direct messages or in the story itself. In this way, your company becomes more accessible and closer to your followers.

Growth is faster on Instagram then on facebook

And up to 3x more people see your post and content than on facebook.

The Facebook platform rely more on ads, and your post will only see 10-15% of your followers. The latest Facebook change has separated business posts from personal posts. 

One thing is certain, as more people advertise on Facebook, regular posts will be less visible. Also, the growth of followers number is much faster than on Facebook.


Instagram algorithm, apps brain.

Why Instagram algorithm exist?

Content marketing has led people to publish more than once a day.

Some people literally post more then 10 times a day! Every day. It’s crazy, isn’t it? If each user would post 2 posts a day. It’s much more content than people.

Just try to imagine that mess. It is not possible for every man to see every post. The goal of Instagram is the ultimate end-user experience. Only a satisfied user returns to their platform again.

How does the Instagram Algorithm work?

Instagram solved this problem. Car enthusiasts see sport cars , and fitness lovers see fitness models.

Based on the interest you showed in the past, they predict what you would like to see in the future.

Suppose you propagate a healthy life and they show you a hamburger, you will not be happy with the experience you experienced on the instagram. Then their app is losing popularity.

They want you to see the content that you are interested in.

slika pokazuje kako radi instagram algoritam

Instagram engagement is a very important factor.

Priority in visibility have friends and family with whom you exchange
comments, likes, direct messages on a daily basis.

If you and a person are close, it is logical that you will be more interested in hers photo than some strangers.

If a post collect a lot of comments and likes as soon as it’s published, Instagram finds it is interesting and gives a higher priority.

More Instagram algorithms parameters...

The post that is published now has an advantage over the post was published 5 days ago.

By searching for someone, you send a signal to Instagram that you want to see more post from that person.

The longer you look at the post, without immediate scrolling, says to instagram this post is interesting.


Buying Instgram followers is not solution.

Buying Instagram followers, it's easy to get into the trap.

The only good side of this purchase is social proof. It gives your followers a false impression of being “popular.”

Purchased followers are a set of bots, fake and suspicious profiles. If you have a local business, how will you sell your product to a fake profile?

The ratio of followers numbers and profiles who are engaged, leave comment, likes are also checked. Its really easy for them to know who has fake followers.

They also track the relevance of your followers. The speed at which you get followed is very important. Instagram knows the  average profile growth speed speed in your industry.

In the future, if you want to target a follower ad, do you want your ad to reach the bot address? This can lead to unnecessary cost and ineffectiveness of the advertisement.


Instagram on the autopilot, sounds interesting ...

Instagram Automation software and how it works ...

We will not recommend any application here. Something that works today does not have tomorrow.

Ask someone who already use app to recommend you or search carefully on Google.

There are applications that work great and those that do not work well. Someone can bring your profile to danger. So carefully choose. Through them you can reach the growth of up to 2000 followers per month.

The app targets people by hashtag. For example, if someone used hashtag #marketing when it posted a post, the software found it, like, follow and comment on the post.

If they don’t follow you back after a certain amount of time, it will automatically be unfollowed.

Of course here we have to pay attention to Instagram ban limits. It is necessary that the software does not break the limits, because you can get a permanent ban or shadow ban.

Automation really helps to save time and increase efficiency.


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Instagram groups. Help for help.

Instagram engagement groups.

In these groups, people like and comment on each other’s posts to “hack” the algorithm.

There are two types of these groups. The first one is within Instagram direct messages. You agree with other profiles from your industry. Then click on the plus and add people. The limit is 50 people.

The optimal number of members is 10. Each time a new post is published in a group, a member writes a “new post” and other members comment and like that post.

For the sake of easier organization and transparency, unnecessary communication in the group should be minimized.

For another type of group, you need to install the Telegram app. The limit is 5000 people. These groups mostly have a large number of people and they are completely automated.

During the day there are several rounds when members are liking or commenting each others posts. You first sign up for a round and leave the name Instagram profile. After that, the bot sends you a list of people you need to like. The last post posted on profile should be liked.

Another time-saving solution is to pay these groups to be present in each round, and you are not obliged to return the likes to other members.

By doing this tactic Instagram algorithm puts your profile to the top. The goal is to get a huge number of comments and comments, so that your post can pop in the instagram section you might like…


Instagram Shoutouts.

What is Instagram shoutout?

Another very effective tactic. What is shoutouts? it is recommendation from another profile to his followers to follow your.

The profile that recommend you should be from the same industry as yours. For example, his followers like topic marketing. You’re writing about marketing. There is big probabilty that his followers will follow you by his recommendations.

Also profile that recommend you should have big influence on his followers only then this tactic works good.Influencer should put your profile with mention in BIO or in the caption of the post.

You can get shoutouts in many ways. The first is to pay a bigger profile to recommend you. Another way is recommendation for recommendation. Third give influencer gift (it can be your product or service). Fourth, ask for a recommendation.


Hashtag, tag that saves...

What is hashtag?

Hashtag is the keyword or phrase that best describes a topic. Hashtag categorizes posts about a particular topic. When you use hashtag #marketing, your post is associated with the term marketing.

For example, you write about email marketing and put marketing hashtag. Email marketing is a subcategory of marketing. Excellent used tag.

If you go to search, enter marketing, then tags, you can see your post and all the others posts that used that hastag earlier. It will write down how many time that hashtag is used by people in the past.

However, if you are writing about marketing and you have a hashtag fitness. After a while you’ll get a shadow ban. Fitness lovers will not be interested in marketing post. Instagram give you penality and visibility decreases.

Instagram hashtag

How to use Instagram hashtag properly?

On Instagram you can use up to 30 different hastags in one post. Use them all. You can put them in the caption or in the comments.

If you want more people to see your Instagram story, you can put in hashtags. If you have a local business you should use local hashtag #newyourk for example. In story you should use geo sticker (a location sticker) and a local hashtag to go to the category of Newyork.

Rule number one do not invent hashtags. You need hastags that other people use and check.

Use hashtags of your industry and related topics such as webdesign and SEO for example. Do not use a hashtag that has been used many times, for example #instagram. This means that your post as soon as it appears will be cluttered with a bunch of other posts. Use Hashtag medium size.

Hashtags has several disadvantage. Sometimes people rarely check them. Hastagovi you can get you followers who are using automated software. Some of them are bots and false profiles.


High quality content always win.

On Instagram, quality content is everything.

Attention span dropped to 7 seconds and has a tendency to fall. People stay for short amount of time on blogs, news and pictures. They stop for short, scan with their eyes, read first two sentence and they go further.

A fast lifestyle, plug to multiple device (computer, tablet, phone), and to much informations has led to less attention. If you want from people to read you should first grab attention.

When you grab attention first, the greater are chances for their staying on your content. Therefore, also greater chances that they will leave a comment or like.


Create high quality content.

Naturally the best, the most interesting, the strangest, the most shocking and the most quality content attracts people.

Instagram is a Visual Application. This means that the image, video or design of the post must be of superior quality. On the platform, photos of a square shape perform best.

The video should not be longer than 60 seconds because it will cut the rest. The first five seconds is the most important for grabbing attention. Since each video starts without sound, the subtitle should be inserted bottom. It will drive people to click and turn the sound.

Post caption can contain up to 2200 characters. It would be ideal to use at least 300 – 400 characters.

Look at caption as a small blog. A place where you can express your thoughts to your followers. You can always put additional information in the caption.

In the first 80 characters write down what the post is about. In that place, Instagram cuts the rest. To see whole caption it is necessary to click the see more. Also always try to put the call to action sentences, call this number, click on the link in BIO, book, etc.

Instagram Story

Instagram Story is a 24-hour content. When it expires 24h, the content is deleted.

You can insert a photo or video that has been captured, downloaded or in the last 24 hours.

The tactic is, to produce, as much as you can interesting stories. Goal is to document jurney. Once story is watched it disappears from the top bar of the followers. If you set up a new one, new one it will appear. 

Try to be creative, not boring. Use storytelling, gifts, discounts, coupons, insert link to the site.


Instagram Live

The Instagram Live option gives you the opportunity to speak live to your followers. Instagram gives the live option the highest visibility. Because this is the most advanced option for their platform.

When you turn on live as long as you’re recording, you’ll be at the top bar. Your followers also get push notifications, when you start to record live. Even if they are not on the instagram, they will be notified live is starting.

When you recording it’s important to fix the phone for better quality. Lighting should be perfect. Comments and like in the live tells Instagram give this live more reach. 

Always greet people who are watching during the live and ask them questions. When you’re done with live you should use the option to save in the story. It will help followers who had missed or haven’t time, to watch it later. 


The best Instagram Marketing Solution.

Instagram ads

All the above tactics are free. However, they are not as precise, specific and effective compared to Instagram ads.

These are the main reasons why the biggest brands are using Instagram commercials. Brands want complete control over the ads. Who will see it, the results and costs of ad.

Instagram like Facebook collects information about its users. That’s exactly what makes it the perfect advertising platform.

In addition to everything, it offers us the ability to accurately target and retarget, test, optimize, control budget, choose place where ads will appear (newfeed and story), format and much more.


This is the best solution Instagram can offer to you. Only then real marketing potential of the application is iluminated.

If you do not have experience, it’s very easy to place ads in the wrong way and spend your marketing budget without results. Therefore, we recommend you to hire marketing agency.

Do you already use the Instagram for your marketing purposes?

What is your experience with the Instagram application?

What tactics do you use?

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